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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions

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Can timber flooring members be fire rated?
Individual timber members cannot be fire rated using vermiculite fire spray products that have been tested in accordance with AS 1530.4. Alternative solutions are to install a fire spray barrier as a ceiling under the timber framing or specialist coatings to timber members which offer and Engineered solution which has to be approved by the Building Surveyor prior to implementation.
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How does an intumescent coating (fire paint) provide fire protection to structural steel members?
To protect a structural steel member during a fire, Intumescent Fire Coatings applied will expand at a ratio of up 50:1 of the thickness applied thus minimising the heat transfer to the steel member. To allow this to occur a clear space around the treated members has to be present for the intumescent coating to perform its function. The builder shall ensure that their design and construction satisfies this requirement.
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How are Thermal Insulation requirements for ceilings to be interpreted?
Architects and consultants generally specify the overall insulation requirement (R –Value) in different areas of a building to conform to the B.C.A. To determine what the R –value of the thermal insulation product has to achieve two factors are taken into account i)the thickness of the concrete slab that the insulation product is being attached to has to be taken into consideration and ii) The area where the insulation is also being applied being considered as a conditioned or unconditioned space.