•  Independent audits of passive fire proofing systems installed in existing buildings to comply with building regulations.
  •  Scheduled inspection and maintenance of passive fireproofing systems in buildings to conform to the Building Code requirement


More Information

The fire stopping up of penetrations with cement and/or plaster, or expanding foam is not compliant with the requirements of the N.C.C. 

Private building surveyors and councils are progressive requiring certification by specialist contractors. Additionally, for buildings

 under construction, if the relevant solutions are identified and installed at the correct time in the construction program, costs will be minimized. We offer the service to assess

 all trades on your project and certify the complete fire stopping works, or we can look after  the fire stopping works on a project. We are also able to advise and supply the correct materials to each of your sub-contractors. 

Monospray Australia has extensive, experience and expertise to provide compliant fire stopping services. We supply and install quality fire protection products to ensure the integrity of your facility to guard against both fire and loss of life.

We also offer the service of scheduled inspection of the passive fireproofing systems installed in buildings.  Following our audit we submit a comprehensive report identifying areas of potential non-compliance and recommended actions.