• For Structural steel, Timber and Ductwork using

                ► Vermiculite Fire protection spray, Intumescent paint and Fire rated boards

  • For Penetration sealing/Fire barriers using

                ► Fire Pillows, Sealants, Fire rated mortar, Fire collars and Smoke sealants




Mono-Spray offers the entire range of passive fire proofing solutions

Passive Fireproofing of structural steel using either

  • Vermiculite based fire-spray,
  • High density fire rated boards
  • Thin film in-tumescent coatings.

Using specialized equipment, using fire rating materials from reputable suppliers, our team of highly experienced applicators provide a comprehensive range of solutions for fire rating steel structures.  Based on the requirements for a particular project we assist in identifying the most suitable and cost effective type of fire proofing material to be used.

We also offer the service for off-site blasting, priming and application of in-tumescent coatings. This approach offers a better quality of finish as the spraying works are carried out in a controlled environment.  We work with a number of steel fabricators and have implemented a number of projects using this approach.

Where timber floors are to be protected from fire we offer the option of either a vermiculite fire spray or rigid boards forming a fire barrier ceiling under the timber floor.

Fire Proofing of Ductwork

We offer the option of fire rating ductwork using either a vermiculite based fire spray or a foil finished fire rated blanket which is mechanically wrapped around the ductwork.

Fire Stopping

Using a wide range of fire stopping products we seal penetrations in walls and floors.


All the products we used are compliant with the relevant standards and we offer compliance certification upon completion of the works.